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Case Study #1 – NCR Country Club Questions #1 and 2 NCR country club is a private golf and dining club located near Dayton Ohio that was originally created as an employee benefit of the National Cash Register Company, (NCR). As NCR became less relevant the club required new membership to stay solvent and justify the millions that had already been spent on renovations to the club, therefore the club obtained the services of the McMahon Group to conduct business research to help them attract and retain new members to the club. Questions one and two require the construction of the management research hierarchy through the investigative question stage, and to compare the actual measurement questions with the results of the constructed hierarchy to gauge how appropriate they are. First to construct a management research hierarchy the management dilemma must be properly established, the management dilemma is also accurately described as a brief or a statement of the problem with some background and context (Greenhalgh. 1983). In the case of the NCR Country Club the management dilemma is clearly membership growth, since current membership was lagging and many of its current members where aging and would eventually no longer be able to support the club. Establishing the management questions requires the restatement of the dilemma in question format (Cooper & Schindler. 2014) there are simply two management dilemmas that need to be re-shaped as such. • Why are new members not signing up at NCR? • What can NCR do to attract these new members to the club? After establishing the dilemma and defining the management questions, the research questions should then be adopted. Research questions, “should best state the objective of the business research study” (2014. P. 112), and once answered will best solve the management dilemma (2014), the research questions could be: •

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