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nessResearch in Developmental Disabilities 26 (2005) 101–116 Improving staff performance through clinician application of outcome management Dennis H. Reida,*, Marsha B. Parsonsb, L. Perry Lattimoreb, Donna L. Toweryb, Kamara K. Readeb a Carolina Behavior Analysis and Support Center, P.O. Box 425, Morganton, NC 28680, USA b Western Carolina Center, Morganton, NC, USA Received 27 January 2004; received in revised form 13 April 2004; accepted 24 April 2004 Abstract In two studies, three clinicians were assisted in using an outcome management approach to supervision for improving the work performance of their staff assistants. Using vocal and written instructions, feedback, and modeling, each clinician was assisted in specifying an area of staff performance (or consumer activity related to staff performance) to improve, developing and implementing a performance monitoring system, training staff in the targeted performances using performance- and competency-based training, and providing on-the-job supportive and corrective feedback. In Study 1, a senior job coach was assisted in using the outcome management steps to improve prompting procedures of three staff job coaches working with supported workers with autism in a community job. Correct prompting improved for all three job coaches following implementation of the outcome management process by the senior job coach. In Study 2, two teachers in two adult education classrooms were assisted in using the process to improve the degree to which their assistants involved students with severe disabilities in meal-preparation activities. Student participation in the activities increased in both classrooms when the teachers implemented the outcome management steps. In both studies, improved performances maintained for at least a 14week period. Results are discussed in regard to working with supervisors as

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