Bush 9/11 Analysis

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The topic of this article basically targeted the separation of powers towards Bush. The writer of this current event wanted to go down the line of the presidents we’ve had to lead this country and show what they ha e done to impact the country and what they could have done better to improve this country. With the creation of the checks and balances, the Habeas Corpus law, the Espionage act and the West Coast Japanese evacuation order from presidents Lincoln, Bush, Wilson and Roosevelt. The article express how our liberty rights were suffered more with Bush rather than Lincoln. It claims that after the September 11 tragedy, Bush didn’t call to have the writ of habeas corpus law suspended and the surveillance and security polices were widely attacked which only showed Bush’s weakness when it came to leading this country into the right directions. And the safety of this country was put in the wrong hands because not much went forth into picking this country up and protecting our liberty and security rights.…show more content…
But because of my age, I can’t say that the previous presidents were any better than this o0ne, all I know is that more funding, support, money and time should have went into both Hurricane Katrina and also 9/11. There was no reason why our country should have sat back and watched what went on in those states. I do believe any other president would have done more to help prevent it. Tightening up security didn’t make us feel anymore
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