Busgy Seigel American Gangster Essay

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Bugsy Siegel Bugsy Siegel was the man who invented Las Vegas. He along with many other men put Las Vegas on the map making it a hot spot for gambling, prostitution, narcotics and book making. In 1931 Siegel was one of the four hit men hired to execute Sicilian mobster Joe “the Boss” Masseria. In 1937 Siegel relocated his bootlegging and gambling rackets to the West Coast. After settling in California he set up gambling dens and offshore gambling ships. He also maintained an extravagant lifestyle in Beverly Hills, where he bought a palatial estate and had frequent parties and rubbed elbows with Hollywood moguls and starlets. In the late 1930s Siegel began dating actress Virginia Hill, as a couple they were known for their violent nature as they were for their glamorous look. In the 1920s and early 1930s Meyer Lansky and Bugsy Siegel dealt in murder for hire in the New York area it was the nationwide Murder, Inc., may have been a continuation of this earlier organization. Siegel was the leading hit man in Murder Inc. In 1931 Siegel was one of the assassins of Joes Masseria during Lucianos take over of the New York Mob. In 1937 he was sent to California to oversee the national crime syndicate’s interests there, and became involved in gambling, drug trafficking, and blackmailing. Bugsy Siegel was known as the “Father of Las Vegas” because he built the first multimillion dollar hotel and casino called the Flamingo. By the late 1930s Siegel had become one of the major players of a highly powerful crime syndicate which gave him $500,000 to set up a Los Angeles franchise. Why did I choose my person? Well before I did any research I chose him because he was a rebel and his name was pretty cool. After I did my research I was glad that I chose him because he created one of the most popular cities in the US which is Las Vegas he built

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