Bus610 (Assignment 1) Ethical Issues in Organizational Business

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Ethical Issues in Organizational Business Robert A. Lanese BUS610: Organizational Behavior Dr. Prakash Menon November 18, 2010 Ethical Issues in Organizational Business The main focus of this paper is to determine why ethical issues are of a major concern in organizations, what individual influences impact ethical behavior, and how can organizations influence ethical behavior in employees? “Ethics, also known as moral philosophy, is a branch of philosophy that addresses questions about morality-that is, concepts such as good and evil, right and wrong, virtue and vice, etc.” (www.wikipedia.org). I personally believe that ethical issues are of major concern within a business organization because it is ethics which help define and drive a company. For example, the collapse of Enron was a result of huge losses being placed within fake companies. Enron is a prime example of how the temptation of greed and the actions of irresponsible behavior can grow and spread like an infection from a corporate boardroom. “In this case, the infection spread to the energy firm’s accountant’s at Arthur Anderson, who looked the other way and later tampered with evidence.” (Stancavage, 2010). All those involved at Enron should have had a complete understanding of ethics, which in this case was classified as an avoidance of questionable or criminal acts. But it can be about excellent customer service or asking “what does an excellent boss-employee relationship look like?” (Stancavage, 2010). It had been determined that there are, in fact, companies out there on U.S. soil that actually understand and accept the concept of ethical behavior within an organization. Examples of such companies would be Levi Strauss, Harley-Davidson and Costco. With regards to Levi-Strauss, it was discovered that rather than having their jeans made overseas, they actually
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