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Riding a bus doesn’t seem like a life threatening event in a person’s life, but as recent history shows, there is nothing harmless about public transportation. The bus bombings that are going on in the Middle East, the London bus bombing in 2005, and the Philippines bus attacks in 2002. Stepping on a bus can be a life threatening event that can change a person’s life forever. Growing up overseas, to be more specific, Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia, is nothing short of dangerous in itself. I remember the day clearly as if it was yesterday, waking up to the sound of my alarm clock and rolling out of my bed to my mom opening the curtains telling me to, “Wake up mijo! You don’t want to be late to the bus today, and if you think about it you only have a few more weeks until school is out!” With a groggy nod I just stood up and jumped in the shower, I even remember listening to my favorite song while I was taking my shower, although it didn’t seem like it at the time it would prove to be ironic that the song I was listening to was “Boom.” I hopped out of my hot shower into my steam-filled bathroom and dried off in my room. I remember wearing my black polo shirt with my khaki cargo pants that were a bit torn at the bottoms because they were a bit big on me. I went down stairs and just like any other normal day I ate my usual cereal breakfast with my glass of orange juice and multi vitamins that my mom would force me to take. I finished up, brushed my teeth and said goodbye to my mom while my brother and I got on our bikes and took off to the bus stop. Much to our surprise the buses were going to leave us so we dropped our bikes at the designated parking area and ran to catch the bus before it left our compound. We were the first stop for the American national kids from our housing compound and we would make rounds around the city picking up the American teachers and

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