Bus Restuarant Business Plan

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Business Plan Bustraunts [pic] Food4Less 1. Introduction 1.1. Company [pic] The tag line is “Our name says it, our prices prove it” What the company is about is very much self-explanatory from the tagline. Food4Less is a food truck business which aims at serving fresh hot food to office goers and students especially in areas which do not access too many eateries. It mainly consists of a truck which has been modified into a kitchen which has a capacity to prepare food for about 200 people at any given time. 1.2. Product If you are an office goer who works in an area which has no easy access toreasonably priced and delicious food when you want it we provide what you need with a great experience and a lot of option which will satisfy your palate. Food4Less is not only a food truck it has value added services such as GPS enabled mobile apps which update you about the location of our trucks and the menu available. Food4Less also has built in rating system and comment system so that people can discuss on foods of their interest. 2. Opportunity Analysis 2.1 PEST Analysis Political Being into thefood service industry, we need to follow basic health norms laid down by the government. And as the restaurant is in a truck appropriate licenses would also be needed from the traffic department and as the kitchen contains inflammable appliances like gas stoves and ovens we would need proper licenses from the fire safety department. As the bustaurants will be parking in high population density regions proper care needs to be taken so that they do not cause a nuisance to the surrounding areas and does not disturb the traffic flow in the area .This will need permission from the appropriate authorities like the police and neighboring offices/residences. Economic The main aspects of our business which will

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