Bus 630 Team Assignment

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DMBA 630 TEAM AGREEMENT (TEAM NAME GOES HERE) Date of Plan/Revision/initials of editor A. Team Contact Information Member Names | Telephone Numbers | E-mail Contacts | Guidelines for contact (including preferred days, emergency information, etc.) | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | B. Mission Statement: (This should be a statement of the team's purpose.) C. Vision Statement: (This should be an inspirational statement that captures the team's aspirations.) D. Shared Values: (eg., honesty, mutual respect, etc.) (Please offer rationale and a working definition for each team value.) E. Desirable team behaviors and consequences for non-compliance: (eg., punctuality, effective "listening," no harmful "group think," systematic documentation of important team communications and decisions, etc.) (Please explain what you mean by each desired behavior and why you believe it to be important for effective teamwork.) F. Summary of individual member strengths and weaknesses (self-assessed)* Members | Individual areas of strength (eg., good writer, editor, researcher, organizer, communicator,…show more content…
Team conflict management plan (Explain what you will do when conflicts arise, as they inevitably do, especially during the storming stage. Specify a decision making process that allows the team to resolve conflict within the group’s agreed process.. Consider the circumstances of process failure that might lead you to ask for faculty intervention --and the method to be employed should such intervention be necessary. Note that intervention by a third party, either in the form of mediation or arbitration, poses potential risks for team bonding. If an intervention becomes necessary, faculty will rely only on materials posted in the study group area. Faculty reserve the right to assign individual grades lower than the team grade if there is evidence of inadequate performance on the part of one or more
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