Bus 610 Week 5 Assignment Essay

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The internal factors contributing to an individual’s resistance to change is that they may feel out of their comfort zone, not seeing a need for change, fear change, and fear of failure. (Kiander, 2012) An individual may feel out of their comfort zone when it comes to change. They may be accustomed to certain things and change may be hard for them. I myself know it’s hard to change when you don’t see the need for change, you can’t or don’t want to understand the change and that is what makes it hard to adjust. Some fear change because they may feel uncomfortable and/or fear failure. They may wonder what if they don’t learn the new methods, or what if their failure cost them their job. The external factors contributing to an individual’s resistance to change is gossip in the workplace, the threat of power, and job security. (Sutevski, 2009) Other peoples gossip in the work place may affect someone else thoughts or feelings about the change in a negative manner which can lead to resistance. Managers may resist change when it affects their power possibly giving employees more freedom in their work. When certain changes are implemented, it could affect ones job security. Some people may be laid off, departments may be merged into one department and which will do away with some positions, and businesses themselves may be outsourced. There was a change in the operation of business due to a change in management. I was at the job for two years working under the same manager and was familiar and comfortable with the day to day routine. The owner of the business sold it to someone else and that person came in and made many changes from what I was used to. I would say that my resistance to change was because I didn’t see a need for change. Performance and productivity around the office declined due the changes that were made. Other employees also had a hard time adjusting

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