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I will Take You There Sandra (Sandee) Johnston BUS600: Management Communications with Technology Tools Dr. Barbara-Leigh Tonelli July 11th, 2011 I will take you there. "Vision statements are used as a tool to encourage you to consciously reflect on who you are now, what transitions you will be making as you achieve your degree and who you will be in five years. A vision statement is a work in progress; you can reassess you vision statement as you move through your Ashford program." ~Dr. Tonelli ( http://classroom.ashford.edu) Vision statements have become a recent cornerstone for many companies. The term "vision statement" was not a part of my company until 2005, when it appeared to be a sudden craze. Given, vision statements do elaborate on the vision of the department, and they incorporate the goal of said department, but they had not been used formally before 2005 at Walt Disney World. Now, every departmental email or letter that comes out has the security department vision statement at the top of each piece; "Our highly skilled, involved, and diverse Cast will be an innovative partner continuously redefining security in the entertainment and hospitality industry." The people that I work with daily often laugh out loud when they read the vision statement. I feel this may be because it may be the vision of the higher level management, but not the lower level security officer. They really just want a paycheck. It is sad, but true. Our text reads, "The company's annual report and those slick-paper brochures your sales force hands to customers may articulate the vision, values, and beliefs of the company. But what do these concepts really mean to workers in your location?" (Management Communication 2010) As explained above, it has little to no impact upon daily operation in my work location. It is my opinion

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