Bus 599 Discussion Questions Week 1 to 11 Essay

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BUS 599 Discussion Questions Week 1 to 11 Purchase here http://homeworkonestop.com/BUS%20599/bus-599-discussion-questions-week-1-to-11 Product Description Week 1 DQ1: Business Strategy" Please respond to the following: Select a company to which you have been loyal for several years. Assess the company’s current strategy and the effectiveness of the strategy execution. Suggest a modification that company should make to its strategy and how it may impact the success of the company DQ 2: "Strategy Planning" Please respond to the following: Many companies invest substantial resources to the strategic planning process only to put the strategy document on a shelf until the process rolls around the next year. Create an argument for a company’s management team to actively communicate and implement the strategy that has been planned. Given that a strategic plan has been established for an organization, suggest when the strategy should be evaluated, modified, or redirected. Provide support for your rationale Week 2 DQ 1: "Company Direction" Please respond to the following: Consider the company where you currently work, have worked in the past, or patronize on a regular basis. Evaluate the effectiveness of the company’s mission and vision statement, and provide an example of how the mission is carried out in your interaction with the company. Evaluate whether or not the mission and vision has been adequately communicated to employees and customers. Provide examples of support or lack of evidence DQ 2: "Case 2: Jet Blue Airways" Please respond to the following: Evaluate whether or not Jet Blue was effective with executing it strategy of growth. Assess the risks and rewards of rapid growth within Jet Blue. Recommend a future strategy for Jet Blue to deliver an acceptable return to its stakeholders and demonstrate how this strategy will achieve the goal.
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