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Strategic Plan, Part I: Conceptualizing a Business Heather Gasu BUS/475 January 14, 2013 Fritz Hibbler Strategic Plan, Part I: Conceptualizing a Business Common sense should tell any business owner, no matter how big or small the corporation is, that you must have some type of plan in place in order to gain success. Part I of the required strategic plan that will be worked on throughout the remainder of this course will outline some very critical information. First it will define the chosen business, products, services, and customers through its mission statement; it will create a vision for the organization for the future, define the guiding principles and values, analyze how the vision, mission, and values…show more content…
Through providing our customers with the most up to date fashions for our plus sized customers at a fraction of the price we gain competitive advantage for the present and the future. It is our responsibilities to make every woman in every shape feel beautiful. Our advantage is how we offer our products in stores where we can see you visually and tailor your clothing to fit your needs. Like stated earlier, our vision is to become the largest plus sized clothing chain introducing the latest fashions and is guided by the following values; quality, customer satisfaction, and integrity in what we…show more content…
They should have no reason to be self-conscience while out in public by their appearance or feel as though they need to compare themselves or wish “they could wear something cute like that”. Gasu Clothing is in a class all of its own. We strive to make our customers feel and look beautiful no matter what their size or shape is. They address the customers’ needs by fitting them with the right style then tailoring the clothing so it fits beautifully on their body. This is where we beat our competitors. We do not just have racks of the same things in the same style and shape with the expectance that it will look great on everyone. We have the latest fashions so you can dress like a model and offer tailoring at no additional cost. Our prices do not rise because of the size. Our employees give up their time to do this because they themselves know the meaning of wanting to feel

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