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Financial Prospectus Content Paper Linda Carrillo BUS/475 September 02, 2013 Leon Daniel, JR Financial Prospectus Content Starting a new business involves time, money, expectation, planning, and decision. New venture needs to create a business plan outlining business ideas, concepts, goals, trends, strength, and weakness. There are 10 components of a financial prospectus to put a business into motion such as: 1. Description of Venture 2. Development Concept 3. Management Biographies 4. Competitive Product or Service Statement (Market Analysis) 5. Construction and Preopening Budget 6. Operating Pro-Forma (Budget) 7. Samples of Financial Statements to be Used…show more content…
My father in law shrimp farm is called Caiman Shrimp Farm. It was created in 2006, and located in the south of California Valley near of Calexico producing 400 pounds per acre. We are still managing farming operation, but we have decided to independence from Caiman Farm. Also, my husband provides technical advisory to other shrimp farm companies near the area. Competitive Product or Service Statement (Market Analysis) The shrimp global production leaders are Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, and India almost supplying all the shrimp market around the world. The market demand for organic food has increased production of freshwater shrimp. Above 88% of shrimp consumption in U.S. comes from Asia. However, there is a shortage due to Early Mortality Syndrome impacting market by increasing prices. “Groceries stores and restaurants chains in the U.S. say they hope the shrimp shortage will be short-lived and manageable, though they may have to raise price to avoid a hit to earnings (Julie Jargon).” However, water, land, technology, and resources influence in the shrimp farming…show more content…
|regulations. |compete with big firms. |down if does not follow the |when laws change. | | | | |laws and regulations. | | The SWOTT analysis may identify the Strengths, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat, and Trends in the business development. SWOTT Table Analysis |Strengths |Weakness | |Strategy: the farm will be place of Imperial Valley to combine the hot sun|Process: New to United States export market, and new to farmer area.

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