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Group C. Business Plan Prince C. Myers II Post University Business Policy Seminar BUS 411.94 Cyril Benichou April 20, 2014 Group C. Business Plan TABLE OF CONTENTS I. Introduction II. Executive Summary III. Business Description IV. Specific Business Problem V. Business alternatives and Policy recommendations VI. Reference Introduction Here at Jobs America we are dedicated in helping Americans find work in a struggling economy. Our dedicated staff is comprised of the most experienced individuals in resume building, job training and job placement based on the applicants skill set. Jobs America was founded in April 2014 and our motto is Americans helping Americans, this we stand by because of our countries motto United We Stand. We are a job placement agency that has different clients from various companies around the surrounding area. Jobs America offers competitive wages that are amongst the best in the state because we only offer positions to the best-qualified applicants. Executive Summary…show more content…
As a staffing agency, we should find candidates for businesses that are in need of staffing for the following areas- temporary staffing for the season, long-term staffing services or even a temporary candidate who may qualify later on to permanently work for you. Our company will need to find candidates for every job sector out there, in order to raise enough money for costs. It is important to not limit the work we can find; otherwise the staffing agency will diminish before we know it. Start-up costs are always higher for staffing agencies, so we have to figure out a good geographical location, one of which does not have several other agencies close by. Obviously the higher skilled the jobs we look for are, the higher the salaries of employees will

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