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BUS 407 Final Exam Answers http://www.homework-bank.com/downloads/bus-407-final-exam-answers/ BUS 407 Final Exam Answers Part 1 Question 1 The way that trainees are required to demonstrate that they have learned a KSA they are expected to acquire through training is called a Question 2 Which of the following terms is used to reflect maximizing the similarity of the training to the job? Question 3 “…. read an altimeter with an error of no more than 5 feet” is an example of what part of a learning objective? Question 4 When examining transfer of training, how many possibilities are there beyond “positive transfer”? Question 5 Which macro theory of training design is outlined in the text? Question 6 ____________ learners like to learn facts and solve problems using well-tested methods. Question 7 How many parts are there to an effective learning objective? Question 8 Training methods can be divided into _____ and _____ approaches. Question 9 According to the text, business games have been developed and used for Question 10 Which of the following training methods is most appropriate when both knowledge and skill are learning objectives? Question 11 A(n) _____question occurs when the trainer is asked a question and instead of providing an answer, she re asks the question of the group. Question 12 Which of the following is most appropriate for training interpersonal skills? Question 13 The acronym JIT (an on the job training technique) stands for Question 14 The principles of programmed instruction Question 15 Which of the following is NOT a potential benefit for Electronic Training? Question 16 The health and safety training programs offered as

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