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Bus 405 Week 3 Essay

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BUS 405 WEEK 3


BUS 405 WEEK 3,Week 3 Assignment Bootstrapping Chapter 10 Problem 31

Complete problem 31 of Chapter 10 (shown below), and submit to your instructor. Show your calculations and the algebraic manipulation of the price equation for the bond. In addition to solving the problem, write a 100 to 200 word essay on the term structure of fixed income securities.

One method used to obtain an estimate of the term structure of interest rates is called bootstrapping. Suppose you have a one-year zero coupon bond with a rate of r1 and a two-year bond with an annual coupon payment of C. To bootstrap the two-year rate, you can set up the following equation for the price (P) of the coupon bond: /(1+r_1 )+(C_2+Par value)/(1+r_2 )^2

Because you can observe all of the variables except r2, the spot rate for two years, you can solve for this interest rate. Suppose there is a zero coupon bond with one year to maturity that sells for $949 and a two-year bond with a 7.5 percent coupon paid annually that sells for $1,020. What is the interest rate for two years? Suppose a bond with three years until maturity and an 8.5 percent annual coupon sells for $1,029. What is the interest rate for three years?
Week 3 DQ1 Forward Interest Rates

Complete Problem 16 from the Questions and Problems section of Chapter 9: According to the pure expectations theory of interest rates, how much do you expect to pay for a one-year STRIPS on February 15, 2011? What is the corresponding implied forward rate? How does your answer compare to the current yield on a one-year STRIPS? What does this tell you about the relationship between implied forward rates, the shape of the zero coupon yield curve, and market expectations about future spot interest rates? Remember to complete all parts of the questions, and report the results of your analysis.

Week 3 DQ2 Bond Prices versus Yields

Complete Concept Question 9 of Chapter 10:...

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