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Principles of Marketing Derek Benson BUS 330 Eric Freeman August 26, 2013 Principles of Marketing For the purpose of this project, I have chosen a company which fought hard to establish roots in the United States and has just recently began a marketing campaign overseas. I felt it best to choose an organization whose foreign marketing campaign is not yet clearly detailed online, thus allowing my use of the knowledge gained in the principles of marketing course to develop a marketing strategy in doing so. The company that will be analyzed in this project is FeelGoodz Flip Flops. FeelGoodz is an up and coming flip flop sales outlet based in New Orleans, Louisiana. They self-proclaim…show more content…
The marketing strategies for these products (or any product for that matter) are constantly being affected by the environment that we live in. Let us first look at the influences on the micro environmental level. It is on the micro level that the four p's of marketing are found. These are product, price, placement and promotion. First, a unique product promotes brand loyalty. The price must also be correct in order to draw and maintain customers. Alan Valdez describes the final two p's (placement and promotion) best by saying, "Even if a company is offering the right product at the right price, the sale won't happen if the potential buyer does not know about it or does not have access to it, making promotion and placement crucial," (Valdez…show more content…
They have much to learn about marketing in a foreign environment such as China, but baby steps have been made to get there. Following important marketing tools such as the 4 p’s of marketing, the 4 utilities of customer value, and the STP approach, FeelGoodz can make it happen! References Fascaldo, D. (n.d.). Retrieved from http://smallbusiness.foxbusiness.com/entrepreneurs/2012/07/13/us-entrepreneurs-selling-products-in-china/ FeelGoodz, Inc. Retrieved from http://www.feelgoodz.com/shop.html Jones, S. (2012, February 13). What is the stp process. Retrieved from http://www.segmentationstudyguide.com/stp-process/what-is-the-stp-process/ Smith, J. (2011, June 17). The 4 utilities of customer value. Retrieved from http://www.puresmallbusinessmarketing.com/wordpress/?p=26 Valdez, A (2013). Macro & Micro Marketing Planning & Strategies. Retreived from: http://www.ehow.com/list_6641256_macro-micro-marketing-planning-strategies.html White, S. (2012). Principles of Marketing (1st ed.). San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education,

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