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Human Resource Management By Michelle Gilliam Bus 303 Instructor Douglas Brown October 10, 2011 Human Resource Management Human resource management is a very valuable asset to a well functioning company. The human resource department serves as the hub to all departments as no department can run without a clear set of guidelines for its employees to follow; along with guidelines companies also need their employees trained, compensated for their work, and to make sure that the company is following laws, guidelines set by local and federal governments. The human resource department of a company is also responsible for recruiting and selecting employees based on certain criteria. Among other employee relations the human resource management person is involved in labor relations and serves as a liaison between unions and the company in labor disputes and contract negations and also provided the company with standards of safety for the employee. Human resource covers a vast net of topics in this paper we I will identify what I consider to the most important aspects of the human resource process and how they all work to together to function to increase the effectiveness of the employees so that the company can reach their goals of prosperity. I think that the most important aspect to all human resource management is the handling of civil rights and discrimination as it is the toughest issue that faces companies and is the most complex and involves just about every aspect of the human resource process. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 protected people from being discriminated against on the basis of race and sex when it came to hiring, promoting, and termination, The civil rights movement is mostly responsible for the law and the changing climate of society in the early 60’s as more attention was paid to minorities and women and the growing role of government

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