Burt’s Bee Case

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CASE STUDY ANALYSIS Case Study Analysis Case Summary 2 Burt’s Bee is the company that produces natural personal care products. John Replogle was the CEO of the company in the year 2006. Roxanne Quimby was the founder of the organization. The products are advertised by using the symbol of Burt’s bearded face half shaded with a flaky hippie hat. Burt’s Bee was highly committed to the environment and it was reflected in the materials that they used for producing their products. The company uses recycled packing and only those materials that are offered by the Mother Nature. The company takes special care to mark the percentage of natural ingredients that are used in the product. Initially they started producing bee wax lip balms, furniture polish and moisturizing cream. In 1989, Quimby attended the New York City gift show, and he analyzed that there was huge demand for his products and that was the only stall that experienced a huge queue. After that, Burt’s Bee grew quickly and attained sales of $3 million. In 1995 they opened a retail showroom and it was a failure for them. However, later the sales were over $40 million and in 2003 the shares were sold to AEA New York Private Equity firm. AEA in 2005 selected some qualified workers and then started the growth of the firm tremendously. Dough Hansel the new CFO, mark that there was no specific infrastructure for the company to support the manufacturing and controlling the policies and procedures. The company sells its product in the market at price of $4.50 at a wholesale price but actually, the retail price of the product must be $9. This created a sense of feeling in the minds of the consumer that the product does not meet the quality. The company researches show that 15% of the customers sold its product at a discount to consumers and 15% is sold at premium. The CASE STUDY ANALYSIS company’s main problem is

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