Burnout and Coping Essay

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Communicative burnout and coping is a problem that everyone faces. Everyone handles it differently and a lot of that depends on the job they are doing. I have gone over three articles that discuss the effects of burnout different work settings, and how it affects the employees and their employer. Each article offered ideas and methods to prevent or decrease the amount of stress in the work place by both parties involved. It can be something as simple as telling someone they did a good job, offering a class to handle these situations, or something as simple as a supervisor making themselves available to their employees. I will discuss the things an employer can do to help employees deal with stress and preventing burnout, also what can be done by individuals to help themselves. The first article Reducing Stress and Burnout for Financial Planners (Koehner,2005) discusses the stresses that can occur in the field of financial planning and lead to a worker feeling burnt out. The leading cause of burn out in this field of work is emotional contagion. This occurs when the financial planner is working with a client and they feel the pain of what the client is going through. Burnout was originally thought to be a feeling of being worn out, exhausted. In this article they describe it as a reaction to constant emotional and communicative contact with individuals in need of help. There are three key symptoms provided in the article that lead to burn out. The first is emotional exhaustion; secondly depersonalization, and then a sense of decreased personal accomplishment. One of the issues on its own is manageable and can be overcome but when a person is dealing with all three of the issues that is when burnout sets in. And the issue with these symptoms is when one is felt, the others will likely follow. The study in the article was done through a random selection of

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