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1. Burnout consists of strained pressures from the work environment. According to the text, Organizational Communication, Burnout is defined as a chronic condition that results as daily work stressors take their toll on employees. Among the case study, Hank’s burnout resulted from three major stressors; workload, role conflict, and role ambiguity. Whit DiOrio, the station’s manager of sales, is known to be over aggressive and demanding. Whit was trying to meet the needs of the diverse personalities on his staff, achieve station quotas, and make a name for his self within the company’s broadcast division. Whit reassigned some of Hank’s long-standing accounts to other junior salespeople making Hank very unhappy. Hank started having a performance shortfall and he only made his sales quota in months that the station did very well in total sales. Whit felt he was being held back by the performance shortfall of his sales staff and begin to focus more on Hank, placing more pressure to make his sales quota each month which added to his workload. Role conflict illustrates having two or more role requirements that clash with each other. Some of the other salespeople continued to seek advice from Hank demonstrating a role conflict for Hank. Hank was often criticized by Whit for not developing new business strategies of increasing sales accounts and for not making specifically tailored marketing proposals to accounts at the client level creating another role conflict for Hank. Role ambiguity exists when there is uncertainty about role requirements. Whit was feeling tense pressure from his boss, Everett Moore. Moore told Whit during a performance review that things need to be turned around by the end of the year or some changes would have to be made. That made Whit furiously angry and he blamed Hank for missing the new business quotas. While Hank was being

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