Burning Issues Of Rajasthan Essay

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BURNING ISSUES OF RAJASTHAN RAJASTHAN is the largest state of india in terms of geographical area then also it is sufferd by major problem of illiteracy , lack of economic growth , high population and population groth rate , lack of irrigated land , Major portion of area comes under arid and semi arid land, lack of industial growth theirby low ivestment in terms of FDI, poor infrastructure and poor maintenance of existing infrastructure, lack of water for irrigation and drinking pupose , scarcity of potable drinking water and high concentaration of nitrate in water, lack of basic amenities in rural areas industrial development Rajasthan lacks fertile irrigated land and 61 % land of Rajasthan comes under arid and semi arid areas. Total cultivated area is about 20 million hectares. Out of this, only 20 percent land is being irrigated.The farmers have to rely on various sources of irrigation such as wells, tanks and tube wells. The ground water level is at the depth of 30-61m. industrial growth in RAJASTHAN is also not satisfactory accoding to its potential. There are many small and large industries in Jaipur, Bhilwara, Kota and Udaipur. The major industries in Rajasthan pertain to rugs, textiles, dyes, vegetable oils and woolen goods. The heavy industries in Rajasthan are zinc and copper smelting, and manufacture of the railway rolling stock. During plan period their was lack of public spenditure on mining nad industial development lack of schemes to attract industrialists on account of facilities , lack incentives on financial and related matters , growth of certain movement in recent yrs for politicasl gains has also made industrialist fearful of investment problem of potable drinking water and lack water for industrial purposes is a major impediment illiteracy and lack of awareness among youth has not led to the development of entrepreneurship which a

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