Burman Family Adoption

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Burman Family Adoption Recommendation Elisabeth Meginness Western Governor’s University George and Amy Burman have been good friends of mine for nearly ten years. They live in my neighborhood and attend church with me. Amy and I teach Sunday School together for the four- and five-year-old class. George and my husband enjoy playing golf together and we meet often for dinner at our home or their home. They are applying for adoption of a child through your agency. I believe the Burmans would make wonderful, loving parents because they have a stable marriage, they have financial security and they have a strong, supportive extended family. George and Amy have been married for twelve years. They met as freshmen in college at The Ohio State University and have been in love since then. They married shortly after college graduation and moved back to Amy’s hometown in central Ohio, where they both found employment. They share the same faith and are often involved in activities and classes that promote and teach strong marriages. They serve as mentors to couples who are engaged to be married and newlyweds, teaching them by example the compromise and energy that is required to maintain a healthy marriage. Knowing the depth of their commitment to each other and to the preservation of their marriage, I am confident that this will spill over into their commitment to their future children. They are both employed full time. George is an accountant with a mulit-generational family run accounting firm; Amy is the nurse manager of the Intensive Care Unit at the local hospital. They live in a modest 4 bedroom home complete with fenced in backyard with plenty of space for a child to play safely. Because they strive to live within their means and severely limit using credit cards, they have very little outstanding debt other than their house and car payments. They worked hard in

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