Burger King vs Mcdonalds

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When thinking of prestigious fast food restaurants, two rival restaurants that come to mind are Burger King and McDonalds. Usually if one doesn’t have a preferable restaurant, they may use a deductive reasoning process to decide which restaurant patronize. Considerations such as customer service, menu selection, cleanliness, and healthy choices can help one make a reasonable choice of restaurant to patronize. If the atmosphere of a dining area is interesting, more people will want to eat there. That would be a reason to draw in more customers. McDonalds is renovating old restaurants and at the same time building new, fresh ones that are attractive to diners. On the other hand, there is little or nothing that draws the attention of customers to Burger King. Burger King is also building new restaurants but McDonald’s builds more. Old Burger King Restaurants are not renovated like the McDonald’s restaurants. Their interior is not as bright and attractive as those of McDonald’s. Also, McDonald uses modern technology to attract customers. McDonalds has Wi-Fi so customers who need to get lunch and work on a business project, can do so in comfort at McDonalds. In comparison, both restaurants have a play place which is convenient for children especially if they ate too much because they can burn off the calories by playing. Both McDonalds and Burger King have a variety of food suitable menu for most eating lifestyles with limited variety for vegetarians. A vegetarian might enjoy oatmeal, eggs, pancakes, hash browns, parfaits apple pies, salads, fries, and basically any drink. Although the idea of a more vegetarian friendly menu hasn’t come to mind yet, both Burger King and McDonalds constantly try to improve their menu by putting new items on it such as fruit & maple oatmeal. From that, it could be inferred that both restaurants have good service and treat the
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