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Burger King’s New Reality Current Event Conflict Negotiation Essay February 26, 2013 In the past few months, Burger King has become aware of some troubling issues in the news. The troubling issue is in the production of their 100 percent all beef patty. This beef patty is used in many of their sandwiches, which the many consumers probably enjoy with tasting satisfaction. Various issues in the production of Burger Kings hamburger have raised an eyebrow or two, over the findings of horse meat in their burger meat. This immediately raises concerns to Burger King and the public sector, are the burgers being made with horse meat and how much of it is in their burgers. Is the public, truly enjoying horse meat in the burgers from Burger King and the answer probably could be quite certain. The now relevant issues are most becoming than ever before in the industry of fast food, some new issues are, “The way burgers are made” and “Carcinogenic contaminants in horse meat have been downplayed by UK authorities-just as they are in the U.S.” The power of the United Kingdom Food Safety Authority have downplayed this issue, “While the Food safety Authority of Ireland has stated that this is not a food safety issue, we are deeply troubled by the findings of our investigation and apologize to our guest, who trust us to source only the highest quality 100% burgers.” Even though other major retailers in United Kingdom now have the same problem as Burger King. This definitely could become a great concern for Burger King, as the horsemeat is in the supposable 100 percent burger being consumed by many people. The other issue is the contamination in the horse meat, “Chief among food inspectors concerns is that the illicit horsemeat could contain the veterinary drug phenyibutazone, or “bute” commonly used to treat horses.” The public wants to know about possible

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