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Burger King: Current Advertising Analysis and a Future Plan Brian Burroughs BUS 620: Marketing Management Dr. Geraldine Goodstone April 30, 2012 Burger King: Current Advertising Analysis and a Future Plan “Most customers are more interested in benefits then they are features, marketers sometimes forget this fact in designing ads and communications messages. (Mullins & Walker, Jr., 2010, p.150) Burger King’s mission is “We proudly serve the best burgers in the business, plus a variety of real, authentic foods…all freshly prepared…just the way you want it.” (Burger King, 2011) Burger King offers the following for its menu: Whopper sandwiches, other fire grilled burgers, lean and greens, chicken and fish, breakfast, treats, sides and beverages, and kids meal. Burger King’s product line is mainly comprised by its signature burger which is made of authentic beef and ingredients. The company has evolved to include healthier options and alternatives to beef such as chicken, fish, and salads. Burger King positions itself at a premium over it’s largest competitor MacDonald’s by charging a higher price on its products. According to customer reviews, customers perceive Burger King more expensive than MacDonald’s. (Ciao.co.uk,2008) Under their “Have it your own way” slogan, the company’s ads emphasize freedom of choice. As regards to its flagship products, the Whopper brand name, the ads focus on the authenticity of the product and its better taste. (whoppervirgin.com, 2006) The television ad “Are you man enough” communicates to men. The product emphasizes the calories that the product has and linking it to manliness, as men are perceived to be more patronizing of more indulgent food. This ad could have negative emotions for parents. Fast food is a prominent contributor to caloric consumption, and has been directly linked to higher obesity rates among

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