Burgalary Essay

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A Burglary Qn: It is late at night and alone at home, you heard someone knocking on the main front door. Write about the situation above in a story of at least 200 words. ‘Why is there knocking on the door so late tonight? It’s already past midnight. Strange. Who can it be?’ I thought to myself. Feeling a little apprehensive, I tip toed downstairs to the living room to the main front door. I did not notice anything amiss at all although I felt uneasy being at home alone. My parents were away on a business trip to Hong Kong. Whoever was knocking must have missed the door bell button and thus, must be a stranger. I peered into the door hole and there was not a soul to be seen. ‘Must be some prankster…’ I thought, heaving a sigh of mixed relief and annoyance. ‘What a nuisance!’ I turned to return to my late night supper and movie. All of a sudden, ‘Bang, bang, bang!’. Three hard knocks on the door startled me. I almost jumped out of my skin there on the staircase. Then I plucked up the courage to go and find out what was going on at my front door instead of being immobilised with fear. For the second time, I peeked through the door hole and again, I did not see anybody. I steeled myself to open the door to put an end to the suspense. As I was doing so, I heard suspicious voices coming from upstairs. Alarmed, I thought better to arm myself and took a baseball bat from the next room. My heart was in my mouth as I crept upstairs to where the voices are coming from. To my horror, I saw three masked figures with a large baggage in the midst of my parents’ messy, ransacked room. Frightened to see burglars in my own home, I scrammed out of the room instantly! I was sure that they had not noticed me so I decided to leave my thief invaded home for safety. Racing to the public phone booth, I called the police and my parents. I told them what I witnessed in a

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