Bureaucratic Control System - Sandwich Blitz

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In order for Lei to appropriately and effectively apply and enforce the four step control process, she would need to begin updating the employee handbook. By accomplishing this step, she would have set the standards where all violations would be measured against the employee. Her first step is to determine what worked and what did not work with the old handbook, and then use that as a guide to work towards the new way of things. Lei’s next step in measuring performance is to monitor each and every employee on a one on one basis with their managers input taken into consideration and let them know exactly where they stand and what is expected of them from that point forward as stated in the updated handbook. A formal review which can be done every 6 months or on an annual basis of their past work, correct reporting of hours worked, sick time, lateness and overall customer satisfaction. Lei should also discuss all the new changes and give each employee a copy so there is no confusion in the future of what is expected. If their performance was up to standards Lei can reward them as well as offer incentives for continued good work such as time off, job promotion etc. For the third step Lei needs to compare the employees past performance to date with the newly updated handbook and determine the degree if any of deviation or missed opportunity. Lei may also want to compare the past performance with the outdated handbook to determine how the missed opportunity was and what benefits or impact the new handbook will have on the employees going forward which would result into a written warning for any violation. The fourth and final step of the process is to take corrective action against all those involved in the violation that occurred. As far as the hours paid that were not worked, the corrective action that could be taken is to have the employee deduct the hours
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