Bureaucracy Essay

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Bureaucracy is a set of regulations in place to control activity, usually referring to government structure. It is meant to dictate how a hierarchy should work and includes the execution of policy. Bureaucracy is often used as a concept in political science and sociology and is often defined as a well-defined division of administrative labor among offices and persons. Bureaucracies exist everywhere in our present day society. Our political system is the perfect example of a bureaucracy in which we face everyday. Weber felt that bureaucracy was not a perfect system, but was considered most efficient for completing tasks and getting the job done. He described bureaucracies as heartless places that were “de-humanizing” from society. Weber explained that since bureaucracies are bound by rules, we will be stuck with this system forever. In developing an ideal type of bureaucracy, Weber developed a complex mental concept that he thought identified the typical characteristics of a bureaucratic organization. He did not believe that this model that he developed was a recipe for a perfect organization. He was simply trying to identify the typical characteristic that is at the core of a bureaucratic organization. He believed that he could go to any particular bureaucratic organization and identify its structure, and use that information as a guideline to compare other structures. Weber used his findings as a tool for further advanced research. Weber understood that it was unlikely that there exists any bureaucratic organization that matches his model because people are always changing and our mental concepts are only a small fragment of the bigger picture of the social phenomenon. Weber developed a model which consisted of eight different characteristics. These characteristics explained his view of a typical bureaucracy. These characteristics included, high

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