Bundy Versus Kuklinski

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Marie Caccavale Bundy vs. Kuklinksi 10/10/11 Richard Kuklinski and Ted Bundy are two American psychopaths. These men both murdered many people but their motivations, victims and styles differed vastly. They are very different types of psychopath which can be seen in how each committed their crimes. Luckily there is a number called a PCL-R score that can tell us exactly how psychopathic someone is quantitatively. Though as a citizen you would probably deem one the lesser of two evils based on whether you are a college girl or a person in debt to the mafia, Hare’s checklist is very reliable. One of the criteria you must meet to start getting your PCL-R score is glibness and being superficial or superficially charming. To be glib and charming you must be a smooth talker and not afraid to speak excessively and appear insincere occasionally. This is where these two men extremely. Richard Kuklinski was the kind of person who killed as a reaction as well as being paid. Whereas Bundy had a specific type of woman he killed. Also, the people that were close to Bundy had been convinced by him, even after his arrest, that he was innocent and an upstanding citizen. That raises another criterion that they differ on: Parasitic lifestyle. It is basically when you take something and give nothing in return. Bundy was a scholar so he traveled a lot and being a good looking man he tended to have different female suitors for short periods of time. Bundy was also still on good terms with his mother throughout his life though and Richard Kuklinski never felt much more than hatred for his mother or father. Kuklinski was a family man at the home he made for himself and the only people he felt any bit of remorse for was his wife and children for the pain he had put them through. Kuklinski’s crimes were much less personal as well. He scores much higher for Impulsivity than Bundy.

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