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BUMKT2602 Consumer Behaviour ‘Indiviual’ Lecturer: John Wu Due Date: 7th, August, 2012. Student Name: Lo Tsz Wu (Ruby) Student no: 30109461 Introduction 1a.] Nowadays, there are most different type and level of non- profit organizations are around us. In those of it, I have selecting one of them the advertisement to investigate. This advertisement is about the ecological education in global. World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is a global conservation organization; the ultimate goal is to halt and eventually reverse the accelerating deterioration of the Earth's natural environment and to help build a future in which humans and nature to be coexist in harmony. 1b.] In those two advertisements, they’re also issued by WWF to call on to take good care of the ecological environment in advertising. In it, you can see that it was used in bold and large font for the title to attract readers' attention and with a sensory background as a foil, and it placed in the bottom right of the more specific content, as well as the agency's logo and symbol. For the first ad, it is talking about that from lipstick to laundry soap, chocolate chip. This versatile oil is the growth of the both communities and wildlife of the tropical forest at the expense. So, they are prepared to make an appeal to purchase products made with palm oil. Because it is the nature of the goods, made smaller damage when the decomposition of nature than a multi-functional oil. For the second ad, they want to give a warning to the public expressed the problem of excessive by the fish. Because overfishing will affect each of us, that the fish resources being further depleted, there will be 1.7 million jobs are likely to disappear, similarly there are 100 million kinds rely on fish as animal protein source may starve. In fact in this two ad, they are obviously involves the high effort

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