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Bullying in Schools Bullying in schools has become a much more serious problem than what it was in the past. Bullying is done by both teachers and students. The main target of bullying in school are those students who are considered different by their friends or teachers. Bullying can occur inside as well as outside school such as in places like playgrounds and buses. The students in school form groups among themselves and start bullying the isolated students or those that are a bit strange in behavior. Bullying can be physical, verbal, or emotional. Physical bullying includes stronger students making groups and torturing weaker students. Torturing includes slapping, punching, teasing, shoving, kicking and playing school pranks. Verbal bullying is characterized by using abusive words and threats. Emotional bullying includes keeping certain students out of the so called “clicks”, or spreading malicious rumors. Bullying has increased a lot from what it once was. In the United States there is an estimation that approximately 40-80% of school students face bullying at some point in their school carrier. (National Center For Education Statistics, 2011) The main reason behind bullying is enjoyment. Students get a lot of enjoyment by teasing other students and making fun of them. Bystanders normally will not interrupt this, because they might become the next victim or maybe they also get enjoyment by watching other students getting bullied. There are many long term and short term effects of bullying. Some students who suffer long term bullying have committed suicide, while others have suffered from depression. Some of the students who are bullied find it very hard to concentrate on their studies and there is a significant drop in their academic performance. The long term effects include hyper-vigilance and lack of trust on other people. School bullying

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