Bullying: "Responsible or Irresponsible Power?"

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Patrick Hudson Professor Larson Rough Draft Essay 2 3/27/2013 Bullying: “Responsible or Irresponsible Power” Can bullying be responsible power? Can people justify a bully’s action? What becomes a bully after he or she achieves his or her goal? What affect does it have on the victim? These and many other questions are tough to answer if a person is the bully, but to the victims these questions become easy. Bully’s main objective is to scare the person they are trying to take advantage of. Is this the life that someone wants to lead? Can any good come from this action? Bullies will not stop until they achieve their goal. Being bullied has changed my viewpoints in life in that I decided to learn self-defense, I decided to learn how to be aggressive, and, if all else fails, I decided to increase my ability to run. Now, bullies are individuals that like to intimidate those that are weaker or smaller than them. The book, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave, written by Frederick Douglass, is a book about a lot of bullies. For instance, Mrs. Hicks, who was the wife of Mr. Giles Hicks, was a female bully. She picked on a much younger woman all because the younger woman was sleep deprived and couldn’t hear the baby crying. Mrs. Hicks was not understanding and delivered two strikes that cost the young woman’s life. The sad part is Mrs. Hicks got off with murder because no one pursued her arrest and conviction (Douglass 26-27). Monumental moment. I remember a time back in grade school where me and my brother were not liked at the bus stop. We were scared out of our minds. Every day we would walk to the bus stop, but we would stop at several feet from the bus stop hiding until the bus arrives. At that time there were about twenty people that wanted to make us suffer. As soon as the bus would arrive we took off and ran our

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