Bullying In The Us Essay

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| 3-22-2012 | | Anthony Garcia | [pERSONS IN NEED OF SUPERVISION] | | Often times children fail to act in a obedient manner. When the actions of that child surpass the guardians ability to control him/her there are few options to take into account, One option is; placing the child on PINS (Persons in need of supervision). A child can also be placed on PINS by a Peace officer, police officer, school official, or by a person who has been injured in direct result of the child's actions. This petition must be filled out in family court. Once filed the PINS petition will contain a description of the child's behaviors, and complaints against him/her. The petition encourages family court officials to determine whether or not the child is in need of supervision. Next, if it is determined by the court that the child is in need of supervision a summons along with the petition must be given to the child and guardians informing them when to appear in family court. During the court proceedings the child may be represented by a private attorney, if hiring a private attorney is not an option the court will issue a "Children's attorney". The complaining party will present the case to the court, a attorney may be assigned to the complaining party as well if the judge finds this necessary. At the time of the disposition hearing the judge will determine whether or not the child need additional supervision. If the judge decides the child is not a risk the case can simply be dismissed. However if the judge finds the child is in need of supervision he will issue a dispositional order. The order may require the child be placed in foster care for up to 18 months, Pay for damages, or be released to parents on condition the child reports to a probation officer. If the child does not follow the circumstances given in the dispositional order a violation petition is filled

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