Bullying Beyond the School Yard: in Business

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Bullying Beyond the School Yard: In Business Bullying does not end at the school yard. Bullying can continue into adulthood and affect people in the workplace. Bullying is present in business, but it may be ignored. Whether from a lack of awareness or preventive supervision, bullying behavior at the work place does not get the necessary attention. As indicated by Harrington, Rayner and Warren (2012, p.395), a high percent of employees would not even file a claim as they believe the situation could get worse. Neglecting to stand up and prosecute bullies would not only decrease the chances of creating awareness, but may also increase a bully’s feeling of entitlement. Many adults see grown-up bullies in their everyday life but confronting intimidation and bullying in public or in the workplace can be much more difficult than stopping a big kid from picking on a smaller, nerdy kid. Although nowadays, there is more awareness of sexual and physical intimidation and ways to prevent it and deal with it including the courts, there still seem many, perhaps those nerdy geeky studious victims all grown-up, who use and even sometimes enjoy intimidation and subtle threats or even face-to-face and even public “dressing-down” of subordinates. Many organizations do not have systems in place that prevent middle-level managers from being personal and insulting without the victim drawing attention to one’s self and possibly suffering retaliation. Often the bullying is systemic and sanctioned by higher-ups who are often bullies of a sort themselves; it is a subculture that exists in many environments and is often so border-line as to be un-addressable. It can be blamed or even allowed and accepted under the guise of the free market capitalism that we live in – “Survival of the fittest” and “Every man for himself!” but then, is it productive, let alone civilized? Studies on bullying

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