Bullying And School Shootings

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Research Proposal Minh Q. Nguyen College of Southern Nevada Abstract: It was a beautiful April afternoon of 2007 when the news reported a school shooting at Virginia Tech. It was a shocking news to everyone especially students and parents, and the attention was drawn to school safety for not only on higher education campuses but at high schools throughout the Unites States. The shooting rampage got lots of people’s interest in school violence. In several school shootings, where the shooters often viewed themselves as victims rather than murderers arises the question about the actual cause of their violent actions. Most of the shooters had said that they were looked down upon and often bullied by their peers. That is when bullying has escalated into a problem rather than a getting-along-with-classmates issue concerning about school safety to parents and school administrators. Introduction School violence has concerned everyone when the number of school shooting increased in the nation. Violent video games, aggressive song lyrics, obsession with guns, gang relation, family troubles are believed to be factors of school shootings. However, one major factor is left out, bullying victimization. Bullying is a growing issue in American school system. According to a bullying statistic website, which says “1 out of 4 kids is Bullied. The American Justice Department says that this month 1 out of every 4 kids will be abused by another youth”. Kids get bullied almost everyday; it does not matter what gender, race, or religions one holds, he can become a victim of bullying. The outcomes of bullying are similar and also different according to gender. Bullying victims are more likely to suffer depression, sadness, self isolation, abuse of drugs and alcohol (Harlow and Roberts, 2010). The feelings of humiliation, hopelessness, and anger can have dangerous consequences

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