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Running head: I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU NOT I love you, I love not Friends University I love you, I love you not In Shakespeare’s play Hamlet, Ophelia and Hamlet are portrayed as lovers who are caught in a web of love, rejection, spying, and death. Hamlet and Ophelia loved each other very much, but Ophelia was still quite young, and still under her father’s supervision and direction. When her father requested that she immediately stop seeing Hamlet and aid in spying on him, she did so reluctantly, knowing it would ultimately end her relationship with Hamlet. Even though Hamlet tells Ophelia he no longer loves her, this seems to be a coping mechanism for him to reject Ophelia as an alternative to her rejecting him. Did Hamlet love Ophelia? The answer can only be found by examining the evidence and Hamlet’s responses in the circumstances. There are several examples that show Hamlet still adored Ophelia. The first example is when Ophelia defends Hamlet’s love for her. Ophelia’s brother, Laertes, warns Ophelia to be wise in her relationship with Hamlet. He further explains that even though Hamlet implies he loves her, their relationship would never lead to marriage. Laertes recognizes Hamlet would never be allowed to marry a commoner without permission from the King; which was highly unlikely. Choices of marriage were not always made on the basis of love, but what was in the best interest of the country. In addition, Laertes warns Ophelia to guard her reputation of virgin purity. Ophelia responds that she understands, but hints he should practice what he preaches (I, iii). After Laertes leaves, Ophelia’s father, Polonius, enters and inquires what she and Laertes were discussing. She answers that Laertes warned her against giving herself sexually to Hamlet. Her father agrees and petitions her not to believe Hamlet’s promises. He

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