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Bullying Essay

  • Submitted by: rfalib
  • on May 23, 2011
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From Puzzle Them First! Motivating Adolescent Readers With Question-Finding by A. Vincent Ciardiello. Copyright © 2007 by the International Reading Association.


Question-Finding and Motivation
academic motivation adolescent literacy affective/cognitive synthesis augmented activation activity catch facets curiosity hold facets immersion model of inquiry intrinsic motivation motivation domain/synthesis motivational construct refutational discussion refutational text self-determination self-efficacy self-regulation sensation-seeking situational interest social construction of knowledge

Can a picture of a tube of toothpaste stimulate question-finding?


his question guided a preservice teacher whom I was teaching in her fieldexperience assignment. The assignment involved tutoring an eighth-grade student in the strategy of question-finding using an example of an unusual photograph. The photograph shows a Claes Oldenburg sculpture with a very large tube of toothpaste turned upside down resting on a lawn. The title of the photo is “Defying Gravity.” The photo is puzzling because it shows the soft toothpaste holding up the tube. Nevertheless, there were some obvious questions and potential answers about the photo. One question was why the artist chose to show the toothpaste upside down. There was a partial answer in the title, but the teacher and the student still wondered why the artist chose to depict this item in such an unusual way. Another question was what the artist was trying to make a person think when viewing the sculpture. The teacher and the student enjoyed analyzing the photo, and the experience helped to introduce the process of question-finding. This reflection reveals how a preservice teacher collaborated with an eighthgrade student on an inquiry project involving the strategy of question-finding. It reveals the motivational nature of collaboration in the process of learning. The selection...

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