Bullying Essay

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How to Help to Our School Bullying is a world wide epidemic, like a virus or cancer it picks and gnaws into the bone of our youth. It leaves its victims tattered to the very soul. Students who are bullied have lasting fears that their tormentor will continue to harass them. Various reports and studies have established that approximately 15% of students are initiators of bullying behavior (Olweus 1993). However in our schools we have never been able to see much harassment through physical or mental forms. Most people however have not been able to know what bullying or what it means to bully. Bullying by its definition is the act of inflicting physical or emotional abuse or harassment to another. However bullying is not as simple as one terrorizing or tormenting others. That is not something that a person can easily see and prevent the harm of others. Each person can easily find a way to harass another by separating what makes them different from each other and use that difference between each other to make it the advantage if the bully. “Victims of bullying suffer psychological and sometimes physical scars that last a lifetime” says Kuther, she wants people to know that within bullying there is a distinct difference between the methods of bullying however each causes scars however not all are able to see within the bully and can identify that differences. Most bullying starts out as a small tease for the bully to examine the venerability of their victim. Then they find the obvious or underline difference between them and their victim to initiate the labeling, this includes anything from race, religion, sexuality, to physical disabilities, skin colour and etc. 35% of kids were directly involved in bullying incidents, 85% of girls and 76% of boys reported having experience sexual harassment, 24% race related bullying. (Coloroso, 2004). From there

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