Bullying Essay

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All over the world, people have either been a bully or the victim of a bully. What is a bully exactly? The commonly known definition people know bullies as a person who is habitually cruel or overbearing, especially to smaller, weaker people. The major effects on the victim of a bully can be physical and/or mental damage, which can last not only in short-term but can lead up to a lifetime of pain, agony, and serious depression. Why do people bully? Is it to make others feel bad about themselves? Could it be to deflect the pain they themselves feel? The answer to all of these questions are yes. Some people, children and adults, bully for power and dominance over anybody then can. Another reason people bully, is they may reap rewards. An example of this would be a child getting beat up for his lunch money. There are also many different types of bullying. Some of these include: verbal bullying, bullying through isolating someone, physical bullying, slander, racial bullying, sexual bullying, and cyberbullying. (Olweus Bullying Prevention Program) Common traits often associated with bullies are: being hot-headed, easily frustrated, lack empathy, find difficulty following rules, and can see violence as a positive solution. (All About Bullying) With bullying, there is always the chance of a physical altercation between the bully and the victim. Some of these physical acts could be punching, kicking, biting, scratching, and hair-pulling (females). Bullies could also carry weapons to afflict more pain on the victim. Though weapons severe, there are possible weapons everywhere, from pencils to rocks to knives. The most common sign of physical bullying are bruises. Mental, or psychological, abuse is another way to be bullied. The effect of this mental onslaught could be serious enough to last a lifetime. This could lead to depression, bad self-esteem, poor grades in school,

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