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Bullying is the use of power and aggression to control someone that may seem weaker or an easy target. Bullying gains momentum over time and it does not have to be on an adolescent level, but that’s usually where it starts. Bullying can be like a virus and it does not discriminate, it festers and finds a target, then attacks. It takes on different levels of abuse, such as cyber, indirect and direct characteristics. The unsuspected person could be the result of a bully and not be aware of it. Once that feeling of threat appears to be more than a thought or a joke that does not settle well with you, you are probably a victim of a bully. Cyberbullying, is reported to be one of the most dangerous and effective sources of bullying worldwide. Approximately cyberbullying has been accounted for 40% of reported cases among teens and young adults. The targeted range is usually from middle school to adult, rarely cases, are seen in elementary school, because most adolescence under 10 years of age do not have social media access. Cyberbully, takes on a broad threat, “However, bullying is no longer a problem that is isolated to the playgrounds, hallways and lunch rooms of schools. Instead, advances in technology have now extended harassment to cell phones, social media websites and other online avenues that are contributing to an alarming number of cyberbullying cases leading to suicide” (Nobullying.com 2015). Cyberbullying can have a devastating effect on an adolescent. With cyberbully there is no escape the person is being attacked from many ankles school, cell phone, social media and face to face. Social media can have unsuspected bullies, these individuals will follow the gossip and add their own opinions and personal views about the target. These threats can be sent via email or text, so the attended target is being bombarded unanimously by followers of a trending bully.

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