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Cyberbullying among Adolescent Shakira Garvin FCS 498 Dr. Jones November 13, 2013 Bullying among adolescent has been commonplace. It has manifested itself in the form of physical and verbal threats and attacks and taunts from peers. The more advanced methods are being use to carry out these types of harassment. Cyberbullying is quickly affecting adolescent. The questions lies in how often are adolescents being cyber bullied and what methods are being used for cyberbullying. Technology is continuing to grow and change the world. While it has it many benefits, it also has its downsides of technology and it continues to rise to the surface. One of the evils of technology is that it increases exposure of private and personal spaces, which leads to increased opportunities of harassment. This is very true in adolescents. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to explore the impact of cyberbullying among adolescents. Cyberbullying has existed for years and studied extensively in the last decade probably more than anything else in the school environment. Bullying affects one in seven children in the United States, with about five million children having been bullied or been a victim of bullying. Many victims of traditional bullying do not seek help (Whitney & Smith, 1993). It has been shown that bullying takes on different form in male and female adolescent. Boys tend to engage in more physically aggressive bullying than girls. While girls tend to engage in more relationally aggressive bullying than boys. Females may use indirect forms of cyberbullying since they tend to prefer more intimate friends than males. While both male and female adolescents say that, other bullying them by making fun of the way they look or talk, males are more likely to report physical instances of bullying. In the 21st Century, school violence is taking on new and more

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