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Bullying: The Power of the Social Situation? Jennifer Sheridan Columbia College: Psych 360 2/15/2015 Abstract Bullying has become a modern day phenomenon – one that has become the focus of several studies and nationwide programs to address the problem. This paper discusses the research studies of five anti-bullying programs and evaluates the effectiveness of each program and explains how the overall power of bullying in the social situation at the school setting has shifted after implementation. Bullying: The Power of the Social Situation? “Human beings are by nature a social species” (Aronson, 2013, p. 205) who depend on interactions with others to bring about a sense of wellbeing. But when these interactions include rejection and ridicule, the result is often the opposite – one of trauma and psychological pain. This is why the social act of bullying has become a modern day phenomenon. It has caused horrendous acts of violence and obvious related suicides, and most every child has been exposed to bullying in some way by the time they reach high school. Because of this, there have been extensive studies and programs put into place with efforts to curtail the powerful social influence of bullying – and several anti-bullying programs have indeed helped to reduce the power of bullying in the social situation. Among these are: The Olweus Bullying Prevention Program (BPP), Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies (PATHS), Safe School Ambassadors (SSA), Steps to Respect, and Bully-Proofing Your School (BPYS). Bullying Bullying and school safety are a top concern for students, administrators, teachers, and parents (Melton, 2012). According to Melton: Bullying is when a stronger, more powerful person hurts or frightens a smaller or weaker person on purpose and repeatedly. There are four types of bullying we

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