Bullying Essay

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Bullying happens very often in schools through out the world. Many people in the world have either experience being bullied, seen others bullying or being a bully. It is a very serious problem because it happens so often that we don’t notice if it’s bullying or not. It has cause 160,000 teenager in USA miss school because of bullying. Imagine, this is only the teenagers in USA if you add the children and also all over the world it could be much-much more than 160,0000. There are many types of bullying. There are cyber bullying, physical bullying and verbal bullying. Also, All of this is considered bullying. Teasing, mocking, hitting, spreading rumors are all part of bullying. Most children bully other because they think it is cool; want to be popular, funny, and angry about something and venting it to someone else. Bullying affects children in negative ways. Kids who are bullied feel depress and lonely. They lack confidence and feel small can make them fail in classes, miss or skip school. Bullying also links with suicide. When depress many students can think about suicide because they feel that it is too hard for them to continue living. I know that bullying is a problem since I was in grade 1 but I continue to grow more aware of bullying, as I grow older. Sometimes I just don’t realize the words that I say hurts other. I surely have said something that I don’t meant before and hurts other even though I don’t mean it. Whenever I say mean comments it doesn’t affect me but the other person. It leaves wounds that maybe cannot be recovered. I realize that it hurts when other people say mean comments to me. Its unpleasant to hear but because of them I realize it leaves a wound in my heart and it is hard to forget about it. Bullying is really a serious problem because it can affects people in negative way. For people who are bullied will suffer from depression,

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