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Bullying: The Unacceptable Norm “It needs to be written into the law that bullying has the same consequences as assault,” said Brenda High to Education Week, a major website which provided insight of what bullying has truly done to children. Bullying has been an issue for years and schools say they are doing whatever they can to stop it. In reality schools are not doing enough. The majority of children on the news are usually the ones that were bullied and never received any help. Admittedly, there are programs in schools that can easily help and/or take care of bullying. As an example, some believe bullying has remained relatively the same over time, (Bennett). Additionally, there have been interesting inquiries which state schools do not need bullying policies, (Bennett). In a way, most think that bullying has remained the same and schools should not have to enforce bullying policies. Although many argue that schools are doing what they can to stop bullying, there has still been a lack of parental or teacher intervention, the convenience of the famous line, “kids will be kids,” and there has been an increase in suicide, and therefore schools should do much more. Unfortunately, there has been a lack of parental and teacher supervision. To illustrate, many parents ignore their children’s online behavior, deny that their kids could be bullies, or are themselves models for bad behavior, (“Use”). In addition, teachers and parents believe children are problem free, (Daly). Teachers and parents believing their own children are free of trouble proves that there is no communication between families and/or in classrooms. A poll taken in 2007 showed nearly a third of students aged 12 to 18 reported having been bullied during the school year, (“Effectiveness”). It has been stated that few to no schools offer any methods for ensuring bullying policies are enforced,

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