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Trace Buck Professor Long Psychology 7 September 2010 Causes and Effects of Bullying According to a study, 70% of teachers believed that they intervened “almost always” in bullying situations; only 25% of the students agreed with this fact (Stop Bullying Now). This statistic regarding school violence does not represent all types of bullying out there, however it stands for one of the worst kind. Along with all the different types of bullying comes the many aspects of it, such as, what is bullying, where do these events take place, who are the bullies, who the actual bullied are and the effects it has on them, what needs to be done about it, and several other standpoints. This issue exists everywhere and always will, but with enough attention could eventually and ultimately be slimed down. Bullying is a very serious and dangerous problem that needs attention from both the schools, the parents of the bullied, and everyone else in the world. Bullying is defined as “aggressive behavior that is intentional, repeated over time, and involves an imbalance of power and strength” (Stop Bullying Now). In other words any person or thing that can mentally or physically dominate another and chooses to do so, is technically considered bullying. There are many forms of bullying that occur today, now more that ever, consisting of physical, nonverbal, emotional, sexual, or there is even cyber bullying (Stop Bullying Now). All of these forms of bullying have both tremendously shaped and or completely destroyed a person both mentally and physically. Now to approach one of the most crucial aspects of bullying: the locations of where bullying mostly occurs. School tends to be the most common place to find bullying. This is mainly because it is where children, teens, and sometimes even grown ups form social groups which eventually causes problems because of differences

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