Bullying Essay

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Bullying is a problem that the world has been trying to conquer for a few decades now. Bullying is defined as an act of intimidating a weaker person into making them do something (www.wordnetweb.princeton.edu). Researchers have tried to find ways to deal with bullying. Being bullied or bullying can lead to several dangerous acts. According to Early childhood News, countries have tried to tackle bullying ever since the 1980s when suicide rates among students were on the rise. Students sometime feel like that they can’t take being any longer, so they decide to take their lives. The bullying may occur if the student is less popular or doesn’t fit into the “it” crowd. As a 6th grade teacher, I see it very often. The less popular girls and boys are picked on because they may be overweight or less attractive. It causes a problem because it hurts their self-esteem and they start not to care about themselves or their self-worth. It starts to affect their grades tremendously. The act of bullying is seen at all different ages and both genders. it is very important that the adults in a child’s environment recognize the extent of bullying that students face on a regular basis. Bullying is more than being picked on. It can mean being talked about, laughed at, name calling, etc. It is very common for girls to pick on girls and boys to pick on boys, but sometime the bullying crosses genders. It’s not always the boys being aggressive either. Some girls can be true bullies, especially if they are bigger than the boy or they like him, but don’t know how to express it. Children who are bystanders to bullying often just stand around and watch everything happen. They rarely report the bullying because they feel that they may lose a friend or they are afraid that they may get bullied. It is better to report the bullying because it is an ethical duty. It is better to report the

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