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INTRODUCTION Dr. Dan Olweus reveals that bullying among school children is certainly a very old phenomenon (Olweus, 2012). The fact that some children are frequently and systematically harassed and attacked by other children have been described in literary works and many adults have personal experience of it from their own school days. There are now clear indications of an increasing societal, as well as, research interest into bully/victim problems in several parts of the world. Olweus gives the definition of bullying as a form of aggression in which the behavior is intended to harm or cause distress if the behavior occurs repeatedly over time. He also notes that there is an imbalance of physical or psychological power or strength among the parties in terms of bullying (Olweus, 2012). The Bahamas, in particular, has experienced an increased in such bullying problems. There has been little publicized about situations regarding the sleeping giant known as bullying in the Bahamas. This lack has the effect of impressing on the minds of Bahamians that this issue does not exist. Nonetheless, it is an old saying that because we may not hear about it does not mean it does not exist. Bullying in the Bahamas is an ethical dilemma that must be addressed and brought to the forefront. This paper will discuss the types, characteristics and effects of individuals involved in bullying. It will also address the presence of bullying in Bahamian schools and solutions to the problem itself. IS BULLYING ETHICAL? Ethics is a system of moral principles that help determine the purpose and course of human behaviours. Generally, ethics is concerned with what is good for individuals and society. It can also be described as moral philosophy. Ethics covers how to live a good life; our rights and responsibilities as human beings; the language of right and wrong and acts as a guide for

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