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Bullying has become a worldwide problem at all grade levels and with technology it has become easier than ever. Bullying has gotten so bad that it has made many kids take their lives. We are all familiar with Amanda Todd the teenage girl that committed suicide on October 10, 2012 at her home in British Columbia, Canada. Before she died, Amanda posted a video on YouTube where she used flash cards to tell of her experience of being blackmailed, bullied, and physically assaulted. Since her suicide, more than one million Facebook users have "liked" Amanda's Facebook memorial page. Along with the positive support and comments on the page there are people attacking her and putting up pictures both from strangers and former classmates, where they have said things such as a "I'm so happy she's dead now.” Bullying behaviour is no longer found only in schools or on the playground but throughout adulthood as well. Cyber bullying has become a large form of bullying. Cyber bullying can be, insulting someone in chat rooms, sending cruel or threatening emails, text messages, or spreading rumours using social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube for example. There is no limitation to cyber bullying because there is so many things you could do on the internet to cyber bully. The major effects that cyber bullying has are isolation, depression, and suicide; there is also new legislation that has been added to the Safe School Act to help stop it and punish people that are participating as well there are many things victims, bystanders and schools can do to help prevent, intervene and stop it. Over 95% of teenagers use social networking sites to communicate,so it’s no surprise that 25% of teens report they have been bullied by kids using technology to send hurtful, rude, or mean messages; spread rumors or lies; or even create websites, videos, or social media profiles that

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