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Article Review Assignment CRM 1300F Introduction To Criminology Presented To: Professor Wayne Hanniman Shawn Dexter D’souza 5348616 University Of Ottawa – Department Of Criminology Anthony Volk gives us a brief glimpse into the epidemic known as bullying in his piece titled ‘Why do bullies do what they do?’ Volk makes it clear from the get-go that his belief lies firmly in the fact that for a majority of the sample size of bullies in question, the act itself has more to do with a conscious choice rather than a troubled mind. Taking us on a systematic route to possible solutions, he covers three different approaches through different protagonists – the victim, the audience, and the conspirator. Right from the outset, it is apparent that this article leans towards the psychological aspects of bullying as is to be expected of a developmental psychologist dealing with children’s studies. However, having said that, it is noteworthy that Volk uses unsubstantiated statistics and facts (as evidenced by his claim of 10% of bullies being victims themselves and other similar instances) on a few occasions. While any piece with a psychological slant to it is expected to deal more with issues pertaining to the mind rather than numbers, it also leaves a lot to the imagination. In that vein, it does leave the reader wanting more, and not necessarily in a good way. The issues dealt with are extremely relevant to the world today; however, they could quite easily have been covered in greater detail. From a psychologist with a Ph.D., one comes to expect a more fulfilling analysis of the content in question, and rarely does it shine light on issues in any amount of detail. On the flip side, the article itself is well structured and well written. It is unquestionably a good read, albeit not a satisfying one. It is short

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